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hello again. top of the hour and a very mild day start. as you look live at orioles park at camden yards. they may be working on the seats there. sharon has the latest on what's coming up on your commute. marty has what's been commuting through here on radar. >> first thing i want to do is look at temperatures. this is going to play into the discussion how mild it is this morning. look at that now, 63 degrees downtown. 65 degrees in dc, westminster and bel air the low 60s. columbia and rock hall 63. 60 degrees in annapolis. 59 degrees on kent island. 59 will be the proximity of the water to be honest about it. the first warning doppler weather radar, what we are seeing a big push, reinforcing
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push of warm air and even more humid conditions. it's frankly a warm front passing through the area this morning. look at the day part, it's not going to play into the day's weather. as a matter of fact, somebody gets up in an hour, they'll go what rain? a ton of sun. yesterday we got to 84 at bwi, 87 downtown. 84 at lunch is the forecast, temperature at noon. on the way to a high of 88, noticeably more humid this day. it will rabbit sultry, 86. beautiful this evening at dinnertime. here sharon's at wjz traffic control. >> it's going much better than it was before. we had problems before on 83 they are gone. we had problems near the bwi airport because of an accident there blocking all lanes of aviation boulevard. that has cleared up. leaving us with just one accident at this hour in duck talk, watch for that on north point boulevard at charles mount boulevard, a water main break at west pratt street, possible
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lane closures there. 95 south of 895 running smoothly. no issues south of there at the forth mchenry tunnel in the north or southbound lanes. there is a look at the boca raton northwest side of the beltway at full speed on the inner and outer loop at greenspring avenue. for traffic any time log onto here's what people will be talking about this morning25 miners are dead in west virginia this morning after a huge mine explosion yesterday afternoon. four are still missing. . here's terrell brown with more from west virginia. >> reporter: at least 25 miners were killed in a west virginia coal mine explosion. the search has been halted because of gas and smoke in the mine. >> there still continues to be a rescue operation with four unaccounted, four miners, and we're going to do everything in our power and in the mine rescue team's power to locate those people. >> reporter: the blast happened
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monday afternoon just as miners were departing the upper big branch mine just 30 miles south of charleston. at first rescue teams hoped they would find some of the missing miners alive. as the evening progressed, no survivors were located. >> it's a traumatic experience with the families over there right now. i ask for your cooperation in giving them their time of peace in grieving. >> reporter: the cause of explosion isn't known. but officials say this mine has a history of violations for not properly ventilating highly combustible methane gas. commuter teams feared worst when they saw ambulances racing to the mine. >> we are just praying and all we can do as a community and just come together and pray. >> reporter: this is the worst u.s. mine disaster since 1984. in whiteville, west virginia, terrell brown wjzeyewitnesss news. >> in 1984, 27 miners were killed in a fire in utah. toyota says it hasn't been
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notified about a multimillion dollars fine from the u.s. government. sources say the government is proposing 16 and a half million dollars in fines for toyota, saying the car maker failed to quickly alert regulate% a dangerous defect with gas pedals in millions of its vehicles. once that fine is handed down toyota has two weeks to accept or contest it. police are investigating a fatal car crash in northeast baltimore overnight. these are photos by a wjz freelancer. a single vehicle crashed at more ravian road and sinclair line. one person is dead. one other person was take to be johns hopkins hospital. we have no word on their current condition at this hour. at the state house in annapolis, time running out to pass much talked about pieces of legislation including tougher laws against sex offenders. right now it looks like that might not happen. andrea fujii is live with the latest. >> good morning andrea. >> reporter: good morning everyone.
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there are nearly half a dozen pieces of legislation waiting to the be voted on, strengthening sex offender laws. there is doubt as to whether any will pass. >> there has been a lot of momentum this legislative session to toughen laws against sex offenders. due in large part to the grim discovery of sarah foxwell found murdered on the eastern shore. >> please pass the laws so they're harsher for these child sex offenders. please. >> i want to make sure no other child has to go through what she went through. >> reporter: a previously convicted sex offender owe thomas leggs junior was charged in her rape and murder. he has twice been released from jail early for good behavior. now, maryland representatives are close to setting a minimum sentence for sex offenders, but many are divided on whether the sentence should be either 15 or 20 years. >> i would readily accept 15, but i may not be on the conference committee. so it could get hung up the way
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bills get hung up in the last week. >> reporter: the governor has pushed three bills, the first asks for more expertise on the sex offender advisory board. that bill is in reconciliation, meaning it's still being debated. another bill asks for sex offenders to face lifetime supervision. that too continues to be discussed. the third bill increases monitoring on the sex offender registry, also in debate. two other bills are sitting in a conference committee. >> in those conference committees, there is no end of the mischief that can happen, the bills could certainly dye there. >> reporter: now passing bills last minute is common in annapolis. but with less than a week to go in the legislative session, time is running out. don back to you. thank you, andy a there are a lot of bills still in consideration, including whether to ban using cell phones while driving in this state. the the state budget is planning more collateral damage. this time it's the chesapeake bay. two thirds of the funds
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originally dedicated to cleaning up the estuary is being k the obama administration called ton maryland to reduce nitrogen levels in the bay by 20 million pounds. . the hands of time will be put back in brace today on tomorrow of the bromo seltzer exterior. the hands of the south tower clock were taken down to be repaired and are ready to go back in place. that's expected to happen later today. by the way, the tower was built in 1911 and each of the clock hands weighs 200 pounds, made up of wood and s orioles fans are counting down the minutes for opening night. kevin miller will be on the mound as the team takes on the rays. the rays willopenn tonight. the two teams are in florida. the rays opener in tampa. the orioles will be back for the home opener playing the blue jays this friday. we will bring you all the action. tune in for our special preview
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and coverage at 2:00 in the afternoon and stick around for the first pitch on or about 3:05. there is a champion in men's college basketball this morning, but in classic fashion the ncaa tournament came down to one final shot. >> pulling it down, giving a round, almost went in. >> with that, duke is crowned the king of the big dance. this is the basketball powerhouse's fourth national title and the first since 2001. duke wins 61-59. i actually stayed up and watched the ends of this game. in half time i couldn't turn it off. you can tell something really cool was going to happen. the last two minutes were spectacular. duke didn't necessarily win it. butler lost it, but duke won it. >> i gotcha. >> you follow what i'm saying? >> i said this last hour, butler is coming out as a big winner
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in this. it reminds me of years ago, nobody knew gazanga, where is that? we know it's a basketball powerhouse, a school on the south side of san francisco. fact of the matter is, butler will be the same thing. >> sure. >> small school in indianapolis, it will become a basketball powerhouse. make an appearance, you play like that, you carry yourself are dignity, class and respect, butler came out a huge winner. >> and their young coach is being praised a lot. >> isn't he? >> talk about the o's, do weather and send it out to the ronster. vegas is giving the orioles season victory total on the over-under board 74 and a half. q. out of 162. >> they're saying, vegas will say the orioles will win 74 and a half games. quha did they win last year? 65? >> something like that.
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>> they've improved themselves. and the team themselves will tell you we're going to judge ourselves from here on out by victory. we're going to the bottom line. >> i don't know. it will be an interesting bet. an interesting bet. >> looking at the forecast for the day, it's going to be a nice one. going to go for a high temperature of 88 degrees. when i say going to be nice, let's take a look at first warning doppler, right now we have clouds out there and showers meandering through the area as a big reinforcing push of warm and moist air moves into the mid-atlantic. going for that high of 88 degrees again. tonight will stay mild behind that front. 59 is the overnight low, clear and mild. tomorrow sunny and warm with a high of 86. a big change comes by the end of the week. and it's going to get, you know, relatively speaking chilly again. we'll go back to normal. first warning details coming up
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shortly. pleasant morning in little italy. ronster is there for a great, really cool reason. >> reporter: it is don and marty, one of baltimore's most beloved citizens and he's lived right here in little italy all his life. mr. john penty celebrating birthday 100, his amazing story coming up when the eyewitness news morning edition ,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is a quarter past 6:00. marty is in the first warning weather center. >> the first warning doppler weather radar, shower activity is pressing through the area. it willing long gone before not too long. i can't be sure that's not a thundershower south of gettysburg, north of tawneytown, it's a reinforcing shot of warm and humid air moving our way. let's look at the numbers, mild right now. temperatures going up to 63. we started this show at 60. nonetheless, let's check this out. we're get getting ready to see dawn's first light. the overnight low is a half hour
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before that. that's the darkest and chilliest time of the overnight. we are at that point right now. you would figure if we were at 60 degrees last time we checked we may go down to 58, 59. this is the reinforcing air, 63 degrees. barometer 29.91. ocean city maryland 58. 65 hagerstown. upper 50s in oakland and cumberland and elkton. mid 06s easton, 62 westminster, 61 bel air. 63 columbia, 63 rock hall. 60 annapolis, kent island is 61 degrees. we will see 84 at lunch, on the way to a high of 88 degrees this day. again, it will get more humid with the passage of this reinforcing air mass if you will. nothing is going to change quickly bucks by week's end, that cold front by tomorrow starting to make an appearance over the upper western ohio
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valley. that's going to be a dip in the jet that will bring much cooler conditions, not frigid, not polar. much cooler conditions to the area. today we'll go for a high temperature of around 88 degrees. tonight back down to about 60. tomorrow we'll keep it in the mid-80s, maybe slightly warmer. i think we're still talking about a normal daytime high of 61. 86 tomorrow. 76 thursday, maybe a little too low. we'll see thousand goes. the dip in the jet, back to normal with rain on friday, 61. slightly be know normal, breezy, sunny. almost 70 with sun on sunday. how about the commute? here is sharon at wjz traffic control. >> not doing so bad on the commute either. we have a new accident on 95 northbound at 198, it doesn't appear to be anything too serious. meantime, we have a water main break in the city that could get in your way on west pratt street at south sharp. possible lane closures there. otherwise, there is a live look
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outside at the beltway, 295 running at full speed, empty there. busier there on 95 north of 100. traffic moving. same goes for 95 south of the beltway. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota, an important message for toyota owners. there has been a lot of people wondering about the toyota recalls, to get the facts and all the latest information, please visit back to you don and marty. let's go right to the ronster. he is 100 -- let's put 100 in perspective. when we did birthdays, we did that for 20 years, we would announce birthdays. it was very rare you get 100. i'm not trying to diminish him turning 100, a lot of folks are these days. but this gentleman is very special to the city of baltimore. >> reporter: one of the most beloved citizens in baltimore city and the state of maryland. he lives right in that house behind me. he is celebrating 100 years. friends, family and neighbors are now celebrating this unique
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life. >> hole low mr. john, how are you doing, sweetheart? >> good to see you. >> it's another beautiful day in john pente's neighborhood in. shadows of saint leo's church he is celebrating his 100th birthday. >> it's good, i'm very happy, very thankful i've reached this age. >> reporter: that's john in 1933 with the used model t ford he bought for $12. everywhere you turn, you will see him with friends and of course his loving family. >> i got two boys and one girl. they're great. >> dad is such a joy in our life. it's like every year we look forward to the next birthday party that we can have for him. >> reporter: 12 years ago they asked mr. john to put a movie projector in an upstairs room in his house. the little italy film festival
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was born. >> i went on the roof, and i looked down and you see all these, all these people. you wonder where they're coming from. >> reporter: what do you call her? >> she's the gina. >> 80-year-old gina is john's constant companion. his wife died in 1975, but his friends are part of his wonderful life. >> what person will let them come in his house and show movies over there? he's wonderful and i love him. >> reporter: a big celebration is scheduled here in little italy next weekend. and for john the party will continue. >> i'll tell you, wait until you see me at 105. >> reporter: the lord willing john, if you're around i hope i'm here too to celebrate 105. john worked for western electric 35 years. he has three children, six
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grandchildren, 13 grade grandchildren and many friends. mary an, good morning. >> welcome to little it heat on this joyous occasion. >> reporter: tell us what john means to this neighborhood. >> there could neotab greater advocate for little italy and saint leo's church than john. >> we will show you the window there, without him it wouldn't have happened. >> no, no, 12 years ago, we wanted to show films and he had the third floor bedrooms directly across from the movie screen. it was my job to go over and ask him, mr. john, can we put the projector in your third floor bedroom for the entire summer? he only asked me one question, and that was will this be good for the community? >> there you go. that's john pente. >> you brought him a gift yesterday? >> i did. what do you get a man who is 100 years old? >> good question. i wanted to give him a gift
6:22 am
certificate to nemo's and red wine, his family comes down every sunday for sunday winner. but, you know, all the restaurants have done that in the past out of, you know, gratefulness for him to let advice the film festival. i thought and thought. every night when i'm in there with the projectionist, late at night mr. john is sitting at the kitchen table enjoying a beer. so i went over and i looked at the beer, and it said miller high life, the champagne of beer. so that's what i got him. >> no wonder he is 100. thank you, maryann. >> it is very rare. i went to the card store and i'm normally in there reading the cards for a half an hour. i was in and out because they only make two cards for a 100 year birthday. >> reporter: thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you thank you for doing the story. >> reporter: mr. john, 100 years old. by the way, he did say he would like to have one thing for his birthday, guys, a new mercedes.
6:23 am
so if there is anybody out there who wants to give john a new mercedes, i think a model t is long gone by now. >> once a time we would have that covered, but i don't think so. >> don and marty live in little italy, congratulations as we like to say, to john pente, 100 years young. before not too long we'll do a live shot with you and maryann about little italy film festival itself. >> starts july 2nd. >> july 2nd, with moon struck is always our first movie. >> have a great day and enjoy. we'll see you later. all right. what could you give a man who has gina lo labrid ged a on his lap? >> the orioles will soon be back at camden yards. we want to see your memories, e-mail us to wjz and look for
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them as part of a big slide show at we will be ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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26 and a half past 6:00. going green to save green and protecting the environment. here is mary bubala with ways to save energy. >> reporter: as warm weather approaches, it is time to start thinking about how to keep your
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home cool and your utility billow. energy experts recommend a whole house fan, it can be installed in your attic. it draws cool air into the windows while forcing hot air out of attic vents. i'm mary bubala, trying to help you be an energy saver. >> for more information go to and click on our special section on our home page. and yet to come on our morning edition. >> reporter: most maryland lawmakers want tougher sex offender laws, but will anything get done this legislative session? i'm andrea fujii, that story is just ahead. after a very public confessional at the masters, tiger woods tries to turn the attention back to golf. i'm joel brown in augusta, georgia, the story coming up. and if usual just about to head out for your morning drive, not too many problems to get in your way, just a few. we'll tell you what they are straight ahead. now over to marty.
6:28 am
coming up on coffee with, we're taking you to the bma, influenced a lot of american painters, there is an exhibit in his work and theirs that's so extensive it took almost five years to put together and bring to baltimore. all you have to do is keep watching. we'll take you to the bma, a cool coffee with, as the morning edition continues right ,,,,,,,,,,
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the bottom of the hour. still a very mild day start. sharon has problems with the traffic. marty has first warning weather. >> that's an interesting view, we were looking east and looking at first warning doppler weather radar. there is not a lot happening east, out to the west, a big push of warm, humid air is pressing up over the mid-atlantic. can it get warmer? yeah, a little bit. it certainly will get more humid. i'm not too sure east of
6:32 am
tawneytown we may be seeing a little thunderstorm this morning. nothing too severe but a spring like thundershower, with a push of warm and humid air. the day part, again, given an hour or so this action is gone. it will ab nice day. sunny to partly cloudy. 82 at lunch. a high temperature of about, you know, 86 to 88 degrees. still talking the mid-80s dinnertime this april evening? auto if you're soon to be on or going, here is sharon at wjz traffic control. >> good morning everyone. you'll want to watch for a problem point the harrisburg expressway a new one. police activity on 83 southbound just in the area of mount carmel roadblocking the right lane. no delays yet. also, watch for a water main break in the city on west pratt street between south sharp and hanover street possible lane closures possible. there is a live look outside at 83 at mount carmel road. everything is running smoothly despite the lane closure nearby. there is a look at 895 at the
6:33 am
harbor tunnel and a look at 95 at 198, the earlier accident in not bound lanes is gone. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota. an important message for toyota owners, there has been a lot of people wondering about toyota recalls, to get the facts and all the latest information, please visit at the top of the news this half hour, the anticipation continues to build ahead of this year's masters golf tournament a day after tiger woods answered questions for the media saying he is the most candid he has before been. joel brown reports from augusta. >> reporter: tuesday brings another round of practice for tiger woods at augusta. the golfer hit the links on monday and then faced media questions for the first time since a sex scandal drove him into seclusion. now he is hoping reporters give him and his fellow golfers a break. >> hopefully after today after answering questions at the press conference the players can be left alone to focus on the masters. >> reporter: woods expressed regret for betray his family with a web of lies and
6:34 am
infidelities. >> winning golf tournaments doesn't mean a thing. the way i was thinking caused so much harm with the people that i love and care about the most on this planet. >> reporter: woods credits therapy with helping him strip away the lies and deception. now golf says woods is like it used to be. >> it feels fun again. you know, that's something that i've been missing. >> reporter: when the masters begins here on thursday, woods is promising a new gentler side of himself. he says he will tone down his outbursts and interact more with fans. and he still has plenty of them. >> i just wish him the best and i hope he turns things around for himself and his family. >> reporter: practice round partner fred couples says his friend is obviously happy to be here and so are the crowds. >> i've never seen so many people and felt like sunday afternoon playing with him trying to win the masters let alone a practice round. >> reporter: woods revealed his wife elin will not be at the tournament. he didn't say why.
6:35 am
in augusta, georgia joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. and don't forget, you can see the final two rounds of the masters this saturday and sunday exclusively right here on cbs and wjz 13. the death toll rose higher overnight in the west virginia coal mine explosion of yesterday afternoon. 25 workers are confirmed dead. four are still unaccounted for. the rescue mission has been suspended because toxic gases are building up underground. crews are now working to drill holes to let that gas escape. >> we're trying to get to those rescue chambers on the areas of the sections where the people are working as quickly as possible. and the rescue teams are working at feverishly as they can. >> this morning cbs news is reporting the mining company involved has previously been cited for safety violations. it is not clear what led to yesterday's explosion. one person is dead another recovering after a serious bus accident overnight. it happened just before midnight
6:36 am
near bwi thurgood marshall. a bus crashed on aviation boulevard killing one person. another person has been taken to shock trauma. no word on their current condition. they got a push from the governor, this morning, proposals, for laws against known sex offenders are waiting for a vote in annapolis. wjz and andrea fujii are live with an update. good morning, again, andrea. >> reporter: good morning. there is less than one week left in this legislative session and those five bills are nowhere close to being done. >> there has been a lot of momentum this legislative session to toughen laws against sex offenders. it's due in large part to the grim discovery on christmas day of 11-year-old sarah foxwell was found murdered on the eastern shore. >> please pass the laws so they're harsher for these child sex offenders, please. >> i will make sure no other child has to go through what she went through. >> reporter: a previously
6:37 am
convicted sex offender, thomas leggs, junior was charged in her rape and murder. he has twice been released from jail early for good behavior. now maryland representatives are close to imposing a minimum sentence on sex offenders. many are divided are whether the sentence should be 15 or 20 years. >> i would readily accept 15, but i may not even be on the conference committee. so it could get hung up the way bills get hung up in the last week. >> reporter: the governor has pushed three bills, the first asks for more expertise on the sex offender advisory board. that bill is in reconciliation, meaning it's still being debated. another bill asks for sex offenders to face lifetime supervision. that too continues to be discussed. the third bill increases monitoring on the sex offender registry, also in debate. two other bills are sitting in a conference committee. >> in those conference committees, there is no end to mischief, there is no end to the mischief that can happen and the bills could certainly die there.
6:38 am
>> reporter: now, any of the bills still in conference could stay there until the end of the session and never be voted upon. don back to you. >> thank you andrea. more than 2500 bills were introduced in this session, only 46 have passed both the house and senate. a senate panel is considering legislation designed to keep gang activity out of schools. the house of delegates passed the measure. it forces police to report student arrests to personnel. the hang up is said to be about whether the charges are filed before report something done. in sports, he's done it again, coach mike krzyewski guides duke to their fourth ncaa national championship. butler had one chance to hit a shot at the buzzer to win last night, but it hit the rim and not the net. coach k and all of duke nation is now celebrating. the fans watching at the stadium in durham, north carolina and
6:39 am
outside students set a big bonfire celebrating late into last night or this morning. coach k is now tied for second on the all time list of championships. and donovan mcnabb is in his new hometown this morning, washington, d.c. his plane touched down fresh off a trade from the philadelphia eagles. he is coming to the redskins after 11 seasons in philadelphia in exchange for a second round draft pick and conditional pick next year. so he finished the national basketball tournament. we got an e-mail from our friend bobby. >> he says proposing expansion of next year's college basketball playoffs to 96 teams. the games will start next weekend on esp number. >> i can't wait to see how that will work. long road to the final four. >> coming up on coffee with, in my hand is a it's a book about
6:40 am
the galleries of the exhibit at the bma that took four and a half years to put together. paul cezan influenced almost every modernist painter in the world. particularly those in the united states of america where modernism became the painting style of choice. we're taking you to the bma to a really cool place you've never been. we're showing you something that took years to bring to baltimore. tell you what sharon has wjz traffic control, first warning weather. clouds out there giving us a couple showers. no clouds later on. first warning details combing ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:43 am
first warning doppler weather radar, it's interesting what's happened in the past hour. shower activities migrated rapidly south of mason-dixon line. we were looking at showers that would stay north of the metro. it is a reinforcing push of warm and more humid air. a spring like scenario this morning. some light maybe thunder showers out here approaching the 83 corridor. nothing severe. but certainly is going to smell
6:44 am
and maybe even sound like spring to some before not too long. let's look at the current, once this is past, sun comes out, temperatures move into the upper 80s again today. 63, with 75% humidity. winds calm. barometer is 29.91. 63 downtown, 64 hagerstown, 65dc. upper 50s in western maryland, upper 50s at the ocean. 64 easton, 70 degrees at pax river, 69 elkton, 61 bel air, 64 westminster. 63 now columbia, rock hall and essentially kent island. 60 in annapolis. here is this push of warm, humid air, shower activity we've been looking at. there is really not going to be a big change in our weather until late thursday. when that cold front starts to make an appearance, that's a big deal. that's a noticeable dip in the jet. it's moving our way and bring showers to us just in time for opening day in baltimore. 88 degrees will be the high
6:45 am
this day, sunny to partly cloudy skies. overnight 59, clear and mild. tonight we'll go ahead and call it another high temperature in the mid to upper 80s. i'm not too sure that thursday, it may be warmer than 76. i'm not too sure that's not too low. showers friday with a dip in the jet. breezy sunny saturday. look at this, rebound sunday back above normal, back to almost 70 degrees. don take it away. if you're coming in from pennsylvania, listen to sharon wjz traffic control. >> harrisburg expressway problem, in the southbound lanes, police activity there in the southbound lanes blocking the right lane just past mount carmel road. meantime, a few other issues, a new accident in rosedale that one will be on philadelphia road. watch for that. also watch for a water main break in the city west pratt street between south sharp and hanover street, possible lane closures there. a live look at 83 at mount carmel road, no delays despite that lane closure. there is a look at 895 at the
6:46 am
harford tunnel, everything smooth there. 95 at 198 an earlier accident gone. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota. an important message for toyota owners, there has been a lot of people wondering about toyota recalls, to get the facts and all the latest information, please visit back to you marty and don. going to the bma, this morning's coffee with is with the cure rater of cezanne an american modern, katie rosscall. >> katie, welcome to the eyewitness news morning edition. >> thank you very much. >> it's great to be back in the bma. > >> can't touch the paintings. >> this is another significant, significant display doesn't even cover it of cezanne. and his relation to american painters. and frankly, a tie into a lot of the other exhibits you have
6:47 am
involving painters. it's a big gallery exhibit. >> we've been working on the show for four and a half years. we have loans from over 40 institutions and private collections. and yes, the real beginning of the show started with a long request for two of our wonderful cezanne paintings that are from the cone collection. and the originating institution wanted to borrow them for the show and we decided well, can we be an organizing venue, can we take the exhibition as well? it's working out beautifully. >> this is the first time a museum has done cezanne and his influence on american painters. >> it's been very well documented that cezanne had a profound influence on european artists. this is the first show to look at the first generation of americans who discovered him just after his death in 1907 in paris. >> his influence is felt today. i mean, if you think about it, cezanne was a very big deal. picasso, dale, a few of the others, have heavy duty name
6:48 am
recognition. the yankees and red sox, have theirs, but cezanne is a major player. >> he changed the face of our history. without cezanne you wouldn't have picasso or metase or mars and hartley , or max webber or a lot of artists in our show. he was hugely important at the end of the 19th century into the 20th. >> let's talk about what it took to put this together. four years ago you get a phone call. now, just ensuring these works that are being sent here, must have been staggering. >> we were very lucky to get some government help on that, with an indemnity for the insurance, but the shipping, crating, couriers from the institutions, it's a huge endeavour and took dozens and dozens of people to get as beautifully done as we see here today. >> was there ever a point you thought this isn't going to happen? luckily, no. this was one that we had had really -- worked out really well
6:49 am
pretty early on. my counterpart at the montclaire museum is a doinged professional and the checklist was together probably two years ago we were pretty much set with a few tweaks as time went on. and for us, it was really trying to decide how we were going to display it here, which was something that took a little bit more time and effort. >> of course, there is notices about the light level, it's low. because we have paintings in here, but i've been to many shows in this gallery and the walls are almost a primer white. it's very interesting. you chose this for a reason. >> well, there is so much color in the show. there is 33 american artists in the show as well as cezanne and their pallets are different. and we originally thought we would use more color in the walls and normally we have a different color for each gallery. that's our traditional way of working here when we're working
6:50 am
on a show of this period, but there is so much color, we thought it would detract and distract. and let the pictures shine. and you know at the time these were made, they were very modern cutting edge, and they probably would have been on a white wall. >> you have photographs here, how did a painter influence photographers? >> that's another new thing we have not -- that's never been discussed before. cezanne was so radical in the way he put his compositions together. they were so structured so perfectly balanced. that photographers look to him for the way they structure their own photographs. they couldn't look to him for color or brush strokes, but they could look for him for balance, and cropping. >> the guy was big time, ahead of his time. >> definitely. >> so you know, when you come to the bma, don and i have been saying this for almost three decades, really relaxed place. wear a sweater and walk in.
6:51 am
it's not a pretenetious place. if it looks like your college apartment, it's for a reason. if somebody has never been here. >> you had one heck of a college apartment. >> so that's the first thing i noticed, wow the walls. the hours and the length of this show are? >> we're open from 10:00 to 5:00 during the week, 11:00 to 6:00 on the weekend. the show closes may 23rd. >> week after preakness -- no, preakness weekend. trust me on that. >> okay. >> preakness weekend. >> i'm doing the math myself. >> it's just so you can give yourself a tumor. >> thank you so much for your time katie. >> thank you for coming. >> a job well done. >> thank you. >> we're taking a we'll be back with wjz traffic control and first warning weather. stay right there. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:52 am
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five and a half before 7:00. updates from sharon and first warning weather. >> taking a look at first warning doppler weather radar, a line of showers along the 83 corridor. this is a push of reinforcing push of warm and humid air moving our way. once it passes, sun comes out, sunny to partly cloudy. a high temperature this stay of 88. back to around 60 overnight. tomorrow back in the mid to upper 80s. now over to sharon gibala wjz traffic control. >> good morning everyone. a good morning on area roadways. we cleared up police activity on the harrisburg expressway. we have an accident to talk
6:55 am
about in rosedale on philadelphia road at hospital drive. water main break an issue in the city west pratt between south sharp and hanover. there is a look at your drive times and speeds for the beltway, 41 miles per hour your slowest spot on the west side outer loop between 795 and 95. a live look at the top side outer loop between 95 and 83. it will take you 14 minutes with an average speed of 43 miles per hour. a look at the west side at liberty road. this traffic report is brought to you by the cochran firm, call the cochran firm at 800-the-firm. in the headlines this morning, another day of debate in annapolis as lawmakers work on half a dozen sex offender bills. advocates say the murder of 11-year-old sarah foxwell is indicative of the need for tougher laws. one says increased monitoring of the sex offender registry is needed, another says longer times in jail.
6:56 am
photos by a wjz freelancer, the fire department says a single vehicle crashed overnight. one person is dead, at least one other person was taken to johns hopkins hospital. no word on their current condition. the state of maryland strapped for cash, that means less money to clean up the chesapeake. lawmakers are cutting two thirds of the funds dedicated to cleaning up the bay. the obama administration though has called on maryland to reduce nitrogen pollution levels by 20 million pounds. and orioles fans are counting down the minutes to opening night as the team announces, kevin miller will be on the mound as the team takes on the rays in tampa this evening. the home opener this friday. stay with wjz 13, maryland's news station, complete weather, news and traffic ahead. rescue teams continue to search for four missing coalminers have the worst u.s. mining disaster this country has seen in the last two decades. it is just across the line in ,,
6:57 am
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